Pluto or Bust!

This Pluto or Bust! handout & reference also includes:

What needs to go into a satellite that is going on a very long trip? This resource provides information about the New Horizon spacecraft and its mission to study Pluto. The packet includes a section with information about the Pluto-Charon system, and a set of questions to measure understanding.

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Instructional Ideas

  • This lesson can be used as a resource when studying the solar system
  • The class can research previous solar system probes such as the Voyager series
Classroom Considerations

  • The amount of reading may be difficult for some
  • The large distances involved may be hard to grasp

  • The resource provides an extensive background information on Pluto
  • The New Horizon mission to Pluto is explained in details that are understandable

  • Information is currently dated since New Horizon has reached Pluto
  • No example answers are provided for the questions