Poetry Anticipation Guide

Is poetry easier to write than other forms of literature? Does it always have to rhyme? The future poets in your class read several statements about the structure, meaning, and importance of poetry before listing the best lyrics from their three favorite songs. 

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Instructional Ideas
  • Include in a language arts packet for homework
  • Have learners fill out the opinion statements before beginning your unit on poetry
  • Create a class playlist with the songs that learners list on the second page, or encourage them to create their own playlist with songs that represent their feelings at that point in time
Classroom Considerations
  • Instructions for the conclusion activity are a little vague; consider clarifying them based on your assessment needs
  • Depending on the maturity of your class, you may want to restrict the language they use in the song lyrics section
  • Brings the subject of poetry home for middle schoolers who may prefer listening to music
  • Encourages discussion about the ways people think about poetry
  • None