Point of View

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Three lessons make up a unit on point of view. Lesson one explores first person point of view. Lesson two focuses on third person point of view. Lastly, the third lesson highlights the differences between first and third person point of view. Within each lesson, a discussion is held, then a read aloud, and finally a worksheet to check for understanding.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Create vocabulary squares using the information gained from the vocabulary portion of each lesson; divide a piece of paper into four squares, then fill in each square with a fact or helpful way to remember what the vocabulary word means 
  • Invite pupils to browse the class library and sort the books based on its point of view
  • Assign the additional worksheet to early finishers when their first task is complete 
Classroom Considerations

  • Books and a variety of other materials are required to complete each lesson 

  • Each lesson follows the "I do, We do, You do" teaching format
  • Background information is provided
  • Worksheets, extension ideas, and additional book titles are available at the end of the third lesson 

  • None
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