Get up-to-the-minute, non-partisan, political news and analysis with a free mobile app for tablets and phones. Following the traditional newspaper column format, the tool grants access to the site’s wide variety of articles, videos, and photos with a political theme.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. Politico follows a traditional two-column newspaper format
  2. Readers can scan the headlines of the top stories on page one and swipe to see stories on subsequent pages
  3. To read a complete story, simply tap the headline

Navigating the App:

  • Tap the Sections button located in the upper-right corner of the screen for a list of top news stories, blogs, policy articles, videos, and features
  • Tap a feature to download
  • The icon menu located on the left side of the screen includes a Share icon that permits users to provide Politico feedback via e-mail
  • Articles can also be shared on e-mail, social media, copied to a link or opened in Safari
  • Enlarge or reduce the font by tapping the Font Size icon
  • Save an article by tapping the Favorites star icon
  • Return to the front page by tapping the return Arrow


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Instructional Ideas

A great resource for government and political science class. Class members could compare the reporting of an event in Politico with how the same topic is presented in other news media

Classroom Considerations

  • Some of the articles contain political jargon (bully pulpit, millennials) that may confuse some readers
  • The site assumes a familiarity with current political events

  • Politico is committed to non-partisan, in-depth reporting of political issues
  • Articles written by talented, well-respected journalists
  • Date and time of posting is listed, as is the time of the last update
  • Politico provides direct and easy access to current political events



  • Politico can be accessed directly on the Internet without the app