¡Practicamos los Verbos Regulares e Irregulares en el Pretérito!

Check out these four different exercises designed to aid pupils on their way to mastering the preterite with regular and irregular verbs. The first page asks pupils to translate a series of sentences from English into Spanish using provided verbs. Next, pupils fill in the blank in 24 sentences and then change 20 present tense verbs into preterite verbs. Finally, learners translate a short Spanish story into English and answer a few questions about the content of story.

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  • Provides a variety of different exercises that could be assigned together as a study guide or separately for homework or class assignments
  • Class members are required to move back and forth between English and Spanish and between Spanish verb tenses

  • Several of the exercises are made up of long lists of sentences, which might become repetitive for some pupils
  • Answers are not provided