Preschool Report

This Preschool Report printable & template also includes:

Preschoolers reflect on their day with an informative report form. It prompts them to think about when they had fun, what mood they were in, how much of their lunch they ate, when they slept, and what happened on the potty.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use as a progress report for each day, or as an individual reflection form for kids
  • Fill out the form yourself or spend a few minutes at the end of the day to help kids fill out the worksheets
Classroom Considerations

  • Potty section is confusing and uses only the terms potty and stinky to indicate what kids did in the bathroom

  • Provides two forms on each page, allowing teachers to write about two days on one page or cut the page in half for easier distribution
  • Comes with a toddler report, which features a section for diapers and a more detailed potty section

  • None