Present Continuous Structure

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Talk about what you're doing right now with the present continuous tense, also known as present progressive. A short video guides your class through different ways to convey a present condition with a helpful graphic organizer and narration.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Encourage learners to watch the video for homework or in a computer lab to prepare for your grammar lesson
  • Have your class write their own sentences describing what they are doing right now, using both affirmative and negative structures
Classroom Considerations

  • The voices are computerized and slightly robotic
  • Includes narrators with both British and American accents
  • Best used with intermediate to advanced English learners, or for review in mainstream classes

  • Focuses on both affirmative and negative sentences
  • Provides a short assessment for learners to demonstrate their understanding
  • Animations are effective in forming sentences

  • None