Princesses Learn Portuguese

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Trying to get your pupils interested in learning another language? Check out this app, which is sure to capture the attention of princess lovers everywhere...and teach them some vocabulary along the way.

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App Overview

Start off with Snow White on your way to learning Portuguese! Princesses are the theme of this app, which is not heavy in content, but makes up for some flaws with cute art and fun extras. The princesses present basic vocabulary and provide practice with select words. Handy for a supplementary material, kids can practice reading in English and Portuguese with Princesses Learn Portuguese.


  • Listen as a narrator reads the story and translates the scattered Portuguese words and phrases into English
  • Pause narration at any time
  • Listen for the chime to tell you when to change the page
  • Tap the card to see selected vocabulary written in English and Portuguese
  • Pull the page across or tap the arrows to change pages
  • Tap the page once to hide or show controls
  • Touch images to hear sounds and learn specific words
  • Note: There is a bit of a lag before the narrator begins reading each page


  • Select one of three games: Matching, bingo, and stickers
  • When you complete an action correctly in each game, the word is read aloud in Portuguese
  • Listen for verbal encouragement and sound effects


  • Each color you choose is read aloud in Portuguese
  • Choose from nine different colors; only one image per story is available to color 
  • The app will not save your drawing


  • Play the entire song or press the music note buttons to play sections of the song
  • Read lyrics in Portuguese and English

Other Options:

  • Peruse the Princess Library for more books available for purchase
  • View only your own books on a bookshelf
  • Practice words encountered in the stories with provided, categorized flashcards
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Instructional Ideas

If your class is working on learning Portuguese, Princesses Learn Portuguese could act as an entertaining additional material. Read the each story together and repeat the Portuguese words and phrases as a class, or have youngsters read the stories and practice the flashcards individually.

This app could make a fun station activity. Users could choose an activity within the app or complete an assignment related to the vocabulary presented in the program.

Classroom Considerations

Since Princesses Learn Portuguese has such a distinct theme, it might not appeal to all of your pupils. You might choose to simply add it to the class library so that kids can select it on their own if it interests them.

Like many traditional songs, the lyrics of the provided songs (when translated) might seem strange. Use this as an opportunity to discuss these types of songs and their history.


  • Cute and kid-friendly
  • Comes with coloring, songs, games, flashcards, and a story to read
  • First book is free

  • Very simplistic; users might not really learn much Portuguese
  • You must pay for each additional book
  • Narrow user audience
  • Some spelling errors