Probability Tools

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You call it, heads or tails? Whether you just need one coin to toss or something more interesting, such as multiple dice or a spinner to use, this app provides a number of interesting tools.  

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App Overview

The app Probability Tools contains three different tools to use in investigating chance events, or for general classroom use.


  • Coin toss
  • Dice
  • Spinner

There are a number of different adjustments one can make to the dice and spinner tools. The coin toss tool has fewer adjustments and only one coin. 

Coin toss:

  • Single coin only
  • Touch coin to toss
  • Tally of heads and tails recorded


  • Select number of dice (1 to 6 dice possible)
  • Select value of each face
    • Numbers 1 to 6 possible
    • Can set dice to have the same number on multiple faces
  • After a role, the tally of the values on each die is kept


  • Select number of sections
    • 2 to 6 sections possible
    • Each section is a different color
  • Select the number of degrees for each section (The sum must equal 360 degrees.) 
  • Change the direction of the spin to the left or right
  • Tally of the results kept
  • Custom spin is possible (You input a number of degrees to move the spinner)
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Instructional Ideas

Use these tools to conduct different experimental probability studies. Compare theoretical and experimental probability. Middle schoolers can explore a number of beginning probability activities. For example, after many rolls, create a two-dice frequency chart, graph results in a bar graph have them explain their results. 

More advanced probability learners can make connections between geometry and differences in sector sizes on a spinner or investigate how changing the number of dice or numbers on the dice effect probability. 

Classroom Considerations

  • This tool makes running multiple experiments possible in a short period of time. The app keeps the tally for you, allowing users to concentrate on the outcomes. 

  • The spinner and dice toss have a number of useful customizations 
  • Customization of the tools is retained between uses (Can't save different customized settings)

  • There is only one coin in the coin toss tool