Probability Worksheets

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Flipping a coin and spinning a spinner helps learners reason through the probability of specific events happening in this first of four probability worksheets. Learners predict the outcome when a coin is flipped twenty times and record the results in a table in lesson two. Then they actually do the coin flipping experiment and compare the results with their predictions. Lesson three presents a real-life scenario with data that learners analyze and use to calculate probabilities. Finally, in lesson four, learners explore the probability of various numbers of people having the same birthday.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas

  • Insert these worksheets into your probability unit where needed or use them as a review for learners
  • Extend the birthday problems by having learners apply the questions to their classroom(s)
Classroom Considerations

  • Review vocabulary words present in the worksheets with learners before assigning the activities

  • Solutions included
  • Probability worksheet has room for learners to show their work

  • No lesson plan included