Professor Garfield Forms of Media

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Keep your class from falling for advertising and help them discover various types of media with a comic strip that includes interactive elements. Learners get to read a story, identify types of media, and help a character develop a video.

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App Overview

Professor Garfield is here to teach Nermal all about the different types of media. Nermal is obsessed with a television show that is pushing a specific product. Read along as he learns how to pick apart the messages the show is sending out and how to identify different forms of media. At the end of the comic, kids get to help Nermal create his own broadcast in response to the product pushing he's viewed on The Kool Kat Karl Show.


  • Go to a chosen page
  • Read instructions before starting the comic
  • Learn about five media concepts:
    • Authorship
    • Format
    • Audience
    • Content
    • Purpose
  • Check out the developer's website (link in app is incorrect)
  • Tap the screen once to return to the menu at any time during the comic
  • Test your knowledge with the included quiz questions and activity
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Instructional Ideas

Introduce your class to persuasion and media formats at the same time. After using the app, they can create their own advertisements or persuasive pieces. Incorporate forms of media by giving pupils various media options for their projects.

Go through the comic as a class, discussing ideas in between pages and questions. You can project the comic and ask individuals to act as the characters and read the dialogue out loud.

Classroom Considerations

A video version of the comic strip is available on You will need to sign up for an account and, after a free trial, pay a yearly fee to continue using the site's resources.


  • Youngsters will like the familiar characters, fun format, and interactive features
  • Easy to use
  • Provides valuable information on how to evaluate different forms of media

  • The link to the developer's site does not work; you'll need to go to instead
  • The app is fairly basic; however, it is free