Psyc Test Hero

Help your psychology class review basic terms and concepts with a psychology review app. With brainstorm graphic organizers, audio hints, and interactive quizzes, the app is a great way to prepare for that upcoming psychology test.

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App Overview

  • The main page presents a review and quiz for nine different topics, such as biological psychology, psychological disorders, personality, developmental psychology, and social psychology. Three topics are divided into two parts.
  • Tap on a review topic to find a brainstorm of key terms and concepts for that topic. Learners can then review their knowledge of these terms before tapping them to hear an audio definition.
  • Go back to the home page to take the quiz for each topic. Some quizzes are fill-in-the-blank, while others give learners only a few seconds to come up with the answer.
  • Learners can check their scores on the quizzes and eliminate all but the correct answers to further review the topic

Additional features:

  • Link to the Psych Files podcast "What Psychology is Really All About" and additional psych apps (Brain Mnemonics 2, PsycExplorer for iPad and iPhone)
  • Future updates will provide more topics, quizzes, and animations
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Instructional Ideas

Assign the app to your psychology class as a review before midterms or a unit test. Students could work on the quizzes in class, or as a homework assignment.

Classroom Considerations

  • All answers for the review sections are audio, which could be distracting if all learners are working on the app at the same time
  • Apply the app to various topics as they come up in your curriculum, rather than all at once

  • Brainstorm review pages cover a wide range of topics
  • Variety of quiz styles encourage independent practice
  • Graphic organizers appeal to visual learners, while audio definitions work for auditory learners
  • Worth the $3.99 cost if the topics are relevant to your class

  • Basic recall of topics, without a lot of depth
  • Not as helpful for higher-level psychology classes