Read with Me

A lesson boosts reading comprehension with strategies that focus on using text features to make predictions, inferences, share details, and decipher unknown vocabulary words. Pairs read a story together then discuss their most memorable parts. A graphic organizer proves readers' overall comprehension. A whole-class discussion refers back to original predictions. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Conduct the lesson during small group rotations, use a book that is specific to the group's reading level
  • Assign the app found in the Extension Ideas section to early finishers
  • For additional practice, post questions on a classroom blog, direct class members to answer them after reading their independent reading book for homework
Classroom Considerations

  • Participants should be familiar with text features 
  • Requires copies

  • The lesson works with any book of your choice 
  • Offers a variety of graphic organizers from which to choose 

  • None