Reading Comprehension - Common Core

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When learners know the language of the Common Core, it opens them up to acquiring the skills they will need to meet the standards. Focus on developing the language of the Common Core while working on reading comprehension skills through the activities available in this app.

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CCSS: Adaptable
App Overview

Just as the title says, the goal of the app is to improve reading comprehension while meeting Common Core standards. There are six chapters. Each chapter covers a different skill in a similar way. Class members can interact with the material in a variety of ways due to the interactive activities and printable materials.

Skills Covered:

  • Determine the main idea of a passage
  • Use context clues to determine the meaning of words
  • Draw conclusions using facts and background knowledge
  • Make inferences based on evidence
  • Differentiate between facts and opinions
  • Practice sequencing, with a focus on chronological order

Chapter Pattern:

  1. Before reading: Vocabulary is introduced; class members fill in blanks and complete pre-assessment activities
  2. Flashcards: Based on the vocabulary, this is a quick check before heading into the reading
  3. Informational reading passage: Students read a passage about the topic of the chapter (e.g. For the context clues chapter, they read a passage about context clues)
  4. Graphic Organizers: Pupils read about and try out various graphic organizers useful for the targeted skill
  5. Activities: Ranging from fill-in-the-blank questions to fill-in-the-blank graphic organizers, the exercises ask learners to examine a variety of short passages to test the focus skill

Other Features:

  • Start off with the provided guide for teachers that explains each part of the app
  • Tap the Menu and Contents button on every page for easy navigation
  • Slide the index of thumbnails up and down and tap on any page you want to view; you can also use the blue arrows to move from one page to the next
  • Touch the Reading Watch Dog for a helpful hint in each chapter
  • Access printable PDF materials from the menu or the corresponding index thumbnails
  • Allow some play time with an included vocabulary matching game and crossword puzzle
  • Clear the answers on a page by pressing Reset

Included Printables:

  • Reading passages
  • Graphic organizers
  • Crossword puzzle


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Instructional Ideas

Project the app and work through the chapters together as a class. Since the reading materials and the graphic organizers are available as PDF documents, you could print them out for your class and have them work at their desks while you use the tablet.

If you have several tablets, consider small groups or stations. Group members could have a combination of printouts and tablets. Think about assigning rotating roles to make the activity more appealing for each group member.

This would also make an effective individual activity. The pages are easy to navigate, and each activity provides immediate feedback. Pupils could practice their reading comprehension as an extension activity or as remediation.

There is potential for effective use with an interactive whiteboard. While you do need to have an interactive whiteboard for this work, it would be engaging for students to be able to walk up to the board to drag the words around in the various exercises.

Classroom Considerations

The vocabulary and exercises are very serious. There are no sounds and not many graphics. However, everything is classroom appropriate and fits in nicely with the Common Core. Making the process as interactive as possible should help class members become engaged in the material.

The printable graphic organizers are truly great resources. These could be used with the app or in any other context that you need!

Pupils might get distracted by the scrollbar. It is very easy to go to any page in the program, which is a positive and a negative. Some class members might click around randomly and end up in the wrong place.


  • Covers a large number of Common Core standards
  • Teaches users the language of the discipline
  • Includes useful printable materials

  • No sounds and very little animation