Reading Poems Aloud: Sound and Meaning

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Poems are meant to be read aloud, so why not spend a whole class on poetry reading? This resource offers ideas and a basic outline for a poetry reading activity, as well as a list of suggested poems to read. The resource suggests that several individuals read the same poem one at at time and without hearing the other readers' versions. The rest of class annotates copies of the poem as they listen. Each reader will have a chace to discuss and redo their reading. Close up the instructional activity with a reflection.

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  • Encourages class members to think about how a reading can alter or portray the meaning of a poem
  • Fosters collaborative and polite discussion among pupils

  • Since this is more of a summary of how one might conduct a poetry reading, the teacher will need to create a more structured plan for the actual lesson
  • The annotation process is not described; create custom notations or find some standard notations online