Recognizing Geometric Shapes

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Young mathematicians explore the beauty of geometry with this cross-curricular math and visual arts lesson. Over the course of four or five days, children observe and discuss the geometric and organic shapes found in two pieces of artwork, before eventually creating there own mobiles that demonstrate their newly acquired knowledge about shapes.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Include this lesson series in an early elementary math unit on geometric shapes
  • Have students create cards to hang from each shape in their mobiles, identifying it's name and defining attributes
  • Extend the lesson by having children add pictures to their mobiles of real-life objects that look like basic geometric shapes
Classroom Considerations
  • Prior to teaching the lesson, go through the steps and create a sample mobile to serve as a model for the class
  • Includes a list of other books and online resources about art
  • Offers suggestions for differentiating instruction during this lesson
  • Extension activities are provided that create further connections between math, language arts, and the visual arts
  • Pictures of the artwork referenced in the lesson are not included, but can easily be found by searching the Internet