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What is the responsibility of a developed nation when it comes to an influx of foreign refugees? Analyze both sides of a controversial argument with a short reading passage and set of comprehension questions. After matching key terms to their definitions, learners read the passage and answer six questions about the information and vocabulary they have learned.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Use as part of a lesson on immigration history, or when discussing the status of refugees around the world
  • Invite a member of the community who immigrated to the United States (or another country) as a refugee to share his or her experience with the class
  • Encourage learners to write a narrative from the perspective of a refugee from a chosen period in history, or in their current year
Classroom Considerations

  • Prepare for a discussion about the political, moral, and financial aspects of refugees entering another country
  • Resource was published by the British Council, and contains many words that are spelled in the British dialect (e.g. centre, criminalisation)
  • The reading passage has a specific point of view and speaks in opinion statements as well as facts; prompt readers to identify examples of both types of statements in the passage and analyze which are more effective
  • The answer key is visible on the bottom of the worksheet

  • Includes a glossary of important terms for student reference
  • Assessment checks for understanding effectively
  • Provides an audio version of the passage
  • Ideal for English learners as well as mainstream classes

  • None
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