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Remote Book Clubs: Nurturing Community and Connection

In a time when collaboration is challenging, connect peers through a good book using a remote book club. Core principles include autonomy, goal setting, and collaboration between classmates. Diverse reads boost reading skills as well as social awareness. Reflections focus on reading material as well as one's self.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Group book club members by reading levels, allow them choice in reading material in a specific range
  • Keep learners at the forefront, invite them to share their opinions on the book club—ways it uplifts them, ideas to further diversify their reading material, and constructive criticism to make the group better
  • Invite pupils from other classrooms to join the book club to further its benefits, form additional groups to accommodate all members, ask another teacher for assistance if needed
Classroom Considerations
  • Go through the entire resource to locate which materials you require for your book club
  • Promotes reading in all genres covering a range of topics
  • Offers several solutions to aid in the success of your remote book club
  • The book club can continue after school transitions to in-person instruction
  • None