Research to Deepen Understanding: Research Framework (Grade 6)

The ability to research is a key skill that helps deepen understanding of information, find explanations to questions, evaluate sources, and make connections. Walk sixth graders through the research process involving identifying a topic and formulating inquiry questions to go with it; gathering information and annotating sources; analyzing sources for content in order to make evidence-based claims; and presenting their claims to class members.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use the unit separately or in conjunction with the others in the series
  • Provide portfolio folders for researchers to keep their work organized and easily accessible
Classroom Considerations

  • The third in a series of four units geared toward the instruction of Common Core literacy proficiencies
  • Assumes learners know how to make evidence-based claims
  • Reserve time in the computer lab or library to access tools, such as computers, encyclopedias, and other reference materials

  • The 34-page packet includes the five-part unit plan, detailed procedures, aligned Common Core standards, and reproducibles

  • None
Included Materials - Join to Access

  • Teacher Research Unit Guide - Grade 6
  • Student Research Plan - Grade 6
  • Research Topic Repository Prehistoric Art
  • Evidence-Based Perspective
  • Forming Evidence-Based Claims
  • Organizing Evidence-Based Claims (1 pts)
  • Organizing Evidence-Based Claims (2 pts)
  • Organizing Evidence-Based Claims (3 pts)
  • Potential Sources - Grade 6
  • Potential Sources Annotated - Grade 6
  • Synthesizing Evidence-Based Claims
  • Taking Notes
  • Taking Notes Annotated
  • Assessing Sources
  • Connecting Ideas
  • Forming Evidence-Based Claims
  • Posing Inquiry Questions
  • Research Criteria Matrix Grades 6-12
  • Writing Evidence-Based Claims
  • Area Evaluation Checklist
  • Evidence-Based Claims Criteria Checklist
  • Research Evaluation Criteria Checklist
  • Text-Centered Discussions Checklist