Rewrite a Fraction as a Decimal Using Division

This Rewrite a Fraction as a Decimal Using Division video also includes:

Change any fraction into a decimal by doing long division. This video reviews divisor, dividend, and how to do long division. Divide different numbers and relate them to a number line to see that decimals and fractions can be the same number. Video does not show step-by-step instruction for all problems, some additional teacher instruction may be needed. Note: This is the third video in a seven-part series

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CCSS: Designed
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Classroom Considerations

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  • Relates decimals to money
  • Pause video to allow learners to do calculations at their own pace
  • Extra practice and activities listed in slides under resources

  • Fast-paced video, difficult to keep up with calculations
  • Does not show repeating or challenging decimals
  • Expects learners to know why 0.1 represents a dime, etc.
  • Video does not reflect stated 6.ns.6a standard, but rather 6.ns.6c standard which is to position rational numbers on a number line