Rewrite Multiplication Problems Using the Commutative Property

This Rewrite Multiplication Problems Using the Commutative Property video also includes:

Decimals and fractions may be scary, but they are still numbers too! This lesson teaches the commutative property with a focus on fractions and decimals. There is a quick review with simple numbers before going into the lesson with rational numbers. This would be a good video to use after an initial introduction to the commutative property. Practice more with the properties in the other videos of this series. 

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • Use Slides resource for more practice and a quick quiz
  • Does multiplication calculations
  • Notes template provided as graphic organizer

  • Examples include fractions, decimals, and negative numbers, no simple examples to introduce topic
  • Video mentions that the problem can be solved from right to left, remind your learners it is only possible when mulitplication is the only operation
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