Romanesque Art

This Romanesque Art presentation also includes:

What were the Crusades? Why were there so many? What was their impact on Medieval Europe? On art and architecture? These are the key questions addressed by a 74-slide PowerPoint designed for AP art history and Humanities class but appropriate for anyone interested in Romanesque art.

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Classroom Considerations

  • No script is included in the recourse; therefore, preview the presentation to determine where commentary will need to be added
  • The presentation could be used to introduce Romanesque art and/or as a review for the AP art history and humanities exams
  • Due to the 77-slide length, consider showing the presentation over several class periods

  • A brief historical background is provided
  • A wide variety of cathedral area pictures representing a variety of Romanesque styles

  • The quiz refers to a text that is neither named nor included
  • Not all images are identified
  • The significance of some of the images is not indicated