Roots to Words

Roots are the building blocks of many English words, and a strong understanding of word roots can help with vocabulary and reading comprehension. After practicing their word roots with this app, class members will be able to decipher new words they encounter while reading.

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App Overview


  • Numbers
  • Quantity
  • Shapes
  • Directions
  • Comparison
  • Time & Distance
  • See 'N Speak
  • Nor or Against
  • Body and Life
  • Movement
  • People
  • Feelings
  • Life Cycle
  • Anatomy I
  • Anatomy II


  1. Choose a category
  2. Fill in the missing root in several words using the provided definitions
  3. Given a definition, letter count, and a bank of word roots, create complete words by connecting the roots in the bank; you must slide the roots into the space above the word bank and put them in the correct order (three rounds)
  4. If you are stuck, tap the question mark in the top right corner for clues
  5. Keep track of your process by looking for the green circles on the category selection page
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Instructional Ideas

Help your class prepare for the SAT. Instead of memorizing long vocabulary lists, pupils will be able to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words using word roots.

Use this as an extra activity for class members who finish a test or assignment early. Not only will they develop their vocabulary, they will also be engaged in an activity that will keep them quiet and occupied until everyone else is finished.

Make a game out of the activities. Split your class into teams or call on individuals to guess the root or word.

Classroom Considerations

Many of the words are complex. Your learners may not have heard of or seen the words before. However, there are clues to help, and this should help vocabulary development.

It is possible to guess until you get it right instead of actually figuring out the word.

Once a category is completed, the app lists the roots with an example or two of each instead of providing more activities. If you want to do the category again, it is possible to reset and delete previous data.


  • Users can view hints to help them along
  • Educational and engaging
  • Instructions are clear

  • None