Round to the Nearest Ten Using Base Ten Blocks

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In the fifth of eight videos on rounding, learners discover how to use number charts along with base ten blocks to round to the nearest ten. A quick review of the values of a hundreds chart, base ten blocks, and a place value chart begins the lesson, and is then followed by a brief discussion about knowing when to round up or down. The core lesson includes five different examples of rounding up and rounding down using a combination of base ten blocks, number charts, and addition and subtraction to demonstrate why numbers round up or down.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations

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  • A practical example of why we use rounding in the real world is given

  • The video moves between using a number chart and base ten blocks to talk about midpoints and rounding, so make sure learners are well acquainted with both ways of thinking about place value
  • While the place value chart is mentioned in the beginning of the video, it is not shown or mentioned again
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