Rubric for Decision-Making Process

Looking for a simple, editable rubric to measure students' decision-making process? Designed for special needs learners, this rubric offers four levels of ability to assess Knowledge, Skiills and Habits, and Attitudes and Ability. Take a look at the included materials section for even more behavior-based rubrics! 

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Instructional Ideas

  • Simplify the rubric for a visual classroom display, which can serve as a reminder of skills practice and implementation
  • Use to assess IEP progress during meetings
Classroom Considerations

  • This is an editable document, so consider changing things as needed. For example, in the "Skills and Habits" row, gathering information based on two sources represents a lower level than gathering and evaluating information based on one source. This may not be the case for your students
  • The "Knowledge" row focuses specificially on health questions. Determine if this is the right fit for your classroom

  • Extensive benchmark points allow you to pick and choose what works for your students (or, keep them all!)

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