RWT Timeline

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A truly versatile, yet focused classroom tool. This app provides an easy and customizable way for users to outline and arrange a set of events or actions. The final product is a saveable, shareable, and attractive graphic organizer.

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App Overview

Steps to Get Started:

  1. Create a new user
  2. Enter your name and choose an avatar or image for your profile
  3. Select your profile
  4. Title your timeline
  5. Press Start


How to Edit Your Timeline:

  • Tap the timeline to add a point
  • Type in a label, short description, and/or full description
  • Add an image from your camera roll or photo stream if desired
  • Double tap to edit your additions
  • Drag boxes or dots to arrange them on the page
  • Drag any unwanted parts to the trash can in the top left corner
  • Change the title in the top right corner

Saving and Sharing Options:

  • Press the floppy disk icon or the Finish button to view sharing and saving options
  • Save directly to the app to open and edit later
  • E-mail your draft to any address as a .RWT file; this format is editable through the online version of the timeline tool
  • Save the final version in your tablet's photo album as a .JPG file; this cannot be edited
  • E-mail your final timeline to anyone as a .PDF file
  • Print out the final version to display; the printout is clear, organized, and visually pleasing

Other Features:

  • View instructions at any time by tapping the question mark
  • Check out a definition of a timeline and some examples on the create page
  • Select the x to return to the login screen
  • Restart any timeline
  • View a preview of your work after selecting Finish
  • Scale and rotate any image you add; delete if desired
  • Read your full descriptions only on the printout; the timeline prints two separate pages, one with the visual representation and one with the full descriptions in the order they appear on the timeline
  • Edit or delete your profile; after 10 days, a profile will be permanently deleted
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Instructional Ideas

Map just about anything by time, event, date, or another category. Class members could chart historical events, literary plots, scientific processes, and more!

Create a timeline on your own to hand out to your class. Since you can customize each point on the timeline, you could create a worksheet or reference page that you wouldn't be able to find in a book.

Classroom Considerations

There are two versions of the online tool. Use the newer version to edit timelines created on the app in order to ensure access to the same customization options.


  • Aids creation of visually appealing timelines
  • Timelines can be shared, edited, and printed
  • Intuitive interface with helpful hints in plain sight
  • Allows for multiple profiles on which pupils can store their work

  • When the app adds apostrophes, it leaves an extra space that you have to go back and erase
  • You can't take a picture directly into the app; you must add it from the camera roll or photo stream
  • Full descriptions have a character limit