Saving and Investing

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You have to have money to make money, especially in the world of banking and investments. High schoolers learn about interest rates, saving and investment options, and ways to stay aware of their money's security and earning ability with a three-part economics lesson.

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CCSS: Adaptable
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Instructional Ideas
  • Use in a math class for a real-world example of simple and compound interest calculation
  • Include in a lecture about personal finance in an economics or social studies class
  • Have pupils engage in a bank simulation in your class, in which they deposit a certain amount of play money and decide which interest rate will be the most lucrative
  • Encourage learners to keep track of the stock market and other investment opportunities, reporting back about what they would have earned (or owed)
Classroom Considerations
  • Resource was published in Canada, so some sayings and figures are specific to the Canadian economic system (i.e., loonie, chequing account)
  • Provides helpful interest calculation formulas and examples
  • Comes with an assessment for the entire unit, as well as worksheets and forms for individuals to demonstrate their understanding
  • Encourages learners to become financially literate, particularly when it comes to fraud
  • None
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