Saxon Math Intermediate 5 - Student Edition

This Saxon Math Intermediate 5 - Student Edition ebook also includes:

Expand your resource library with this collection of Saxon math materials. Covering a wide range of topics from basic arithmetic and place value, to converting between fractions, decimals, and percents, these example problems and skills practice worksheets are great way to differentiate math curriculum in the upper-elementary and middle school grade levels..

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CCSS: Adaptable

Problem Solving, problem solving strategies, problem solving techniques, sequences, arithmetic sequences, patterns, number patterns, even numbers, odd numbers, comparing amounts, whole numbers, word form, money, money vocabulary, money word problems, addition, addition whole numbers, place value, subtraction, addends, addition word problems, subtraction word problems, ordinal numbers, mental math, greater than, less than, word problems, numbers 3 digit, numbers 4 digit, numbers 5 digit, 3-digit subtraction, 2-digit subtraction, subtraction with borrowing, subtraction with regrouping, expanded notation, numbers 2 digit, fractions, decimals, percents, equivalent fractions, exponents, square roots, prime numbers, composite numbers, coordinate plane, transformations, multiplication fractions, standard units of measurement, units of measurement, mass, measuring mass, weight, improper fractions, converting to improper fractions, mixed numbers, adding decimals, subtracting decimals, converting decimals, converting decimals to fractions, converting decimals to percents, converting fractions, converting fractions to decimals, converting fractions to percents, converting measurements, converting percents to decimals, units of length, length, ordered pairs, graphing points, adding money, subtraction money, division with remainders, long division, long division with remainders, associative property of addition, associative property of multiplication, commutative property of addition, commutative property of multiplication, identity property of addition, algebraic equations, solving equations, integers, positive numbers, negative numbers, negative integers, positive integers, comparing integers, integer addition, subtraction integers, factors, divisibility rules, parallel lines, perpendicular lines, obtuse angles, acute angles, straight angles, right angles, skew lines, rulers, ruler skills, rotations, reflections
Instructional Ideas

  • Work through the example problems as guided practice during upper-elementary math lessons
  • Use the practice problems as in-class or homework assignments
  • Differentiate the exercises by assigning specific problems that address the needs of individual learners
  • Offer the hands-on activities as math learning centers

  • Resource includes a "How to Use Your Textbook" section that supports students with completing the included lessons
  • A "Problem Solving Overview" document clearly models the four-step problem-solving process using multiple examples
  • Includes a series of hands-on activities that reinforce different math concepts

  • While the table of contents lists all 120 lessons in the course, only the first and eigthth sections are included in this sample resource
  • An answer key to the practice exercises is not included with the resource