Scalar Multiplication of Matrices

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Young mathematicians who haven't thought about the mechanics of multiplication since elementary school can find scalar multiplication of matrices intimidating. Enter this short presentation, breaking down the scalar multiplication process into approachable steps. Particular emphasis is placed on the structure of the matrix in multiplication, and each intermediate step is clearly shown and explained. A great little math bite of instruction to shake up the teaching model in an algebra classroom!

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Posting this video on a teacher website for review would allow for on-demand remediation by pupils
  • Include as a teaching tool for a long-term substitute
  • Learners working at different speeds in a differentiated classroom could view the video as remediation or advanced instruction
Classroom Considerations

  • Southern accent of presenter might prove difficult to process in the beginning for new ELL pupils
  • Consider creating a worksheet of problems to accompany the presentation, pausing the video to allow pupils time to work
  • Video requires classroom YouTube access,check to see if school rules limit the use of YouTube or require advanced approval

  • Step-by-step approach to multiplication, with intermediate steps clearly discussed and written out
  • Both constant and variable situations explained

  • No follow-up problems for the class to work on, or accompanying worksheet for notes
Common Core