Scavenger Hunt: Identifying Unreliable Sources

What's the difference between a good source and an unreliable source? Young researchers prove accurate facts by finding sources that both support and deny their truth. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Use optional alternatives and activities as extensions for more advanced learners
  • Connect to a local or presidential election, complete with campaign commercials and print ads
Classroom Considerations

  • Materials list includes the optional use of laptops, desktop computers, or tablets for groups
  • Does not provide a printable version of the worksheet; copy and paste the selected text at the bottom of the third page into your own document to create a handout

  • Aligned to Common Core standards for argumentative and research writing
  • Encourages critical thinking and discernment in the research process
  • Versatile for both library and online research

  • Incomplete sentence at the bottom of the first page cuts instructions short
  • Independent practice handout is not designed for student use