Take a look around to see what is happening in the realm of science. With fascinating videos, stunning photographs, and the latest news in scientific breakthroughs, you may find yourself glued to your tablet for hours.

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App Overview

In an effort to build a more scientifically literate population, the National Science Foundation has created a free app featuring hundreds of eye-catching pictures and videos arranged in a fun panoramic-style format. New stories are added every week, making Science360 an app you will want to explore on a regular basis. 


  • From the main screen, swipe in any direction to see more photos
  • Pinch to zoom in or out; zooming in will show the introduction to the article associated with the picture
  • Tap the hand in the lower right corner to review the navigation options
  • Touch the main screen with two fingers simultaneously to access the following features:
    • Saved: access the photographs, video clips, or articles you have marked as favorites
    • Tags: search by keywords or scroll through the existing list to select an interesting topic
    • News: breaking news in the the world of science, technology, engineering, and math
    • More: information about Science360 and the National Science Foundation, as well as Twitter and Facebook settings
    • From any of these screens, another two-fingered tap will return you to the main screen


  • Tap on an image to enlarge it and read the related article or summary
  • Once in the image, a two-fingered tap will take you to the SavedNews, and More features described above
  • Save by tapping on the star at the bottom of the screen
  • Share on Twitter, Facebook, or e-mail by touching the arrow in the box
  • Download an HD version of the picture by clicking the HD box
  • Tapping the three lines at the bottom right of the screen will display or hide the text associated with the photo
  • Touching the nine small boxes on the bottom left of the screen will return you to the main screen


  • An image on the main screen with a light gray triangle in the center is a video
  • Once the video starts, enlarge it by touching the two arrows in the white box at the top right
  • Return to main screen, save, share, and read text using the same buttons as with images
  • Tap the box with three dots to find related videos
  • When the video play box is displayed, click the rectangle with the white triangle to share the video with another enabled device
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Instructional Ideas

  • Research recent news articles, videos, and images for a given topic by using a two-finger tap and selecting tags
  • Share relevant videos and images to a class Facebook or Twitter page
  • If your kids all have tablet access, design a flipped classroom lesson
  • For those who finish their work early, they can find a video or article to review and share with the class
  • Spark scientific interest in reluctant learners
  • Short science video of the day
Classroom Considerations

  • Takes up a large amount of bandwidth; best used with Wi-Fi connection
  • Depending on the speed of your connection, it may load slowly
  • Reading level on some articles and summaries is quite high

  • Free
  • An abundance of interesting content
  • Entertaining design

  • Uses large amounts of bandwidth