See How They Run!: The 100 Meter Dash

Are you as fast as Usain Bolt? Class members time each other running the 100-meter dash, then analyze the data using different graphical representations. They then draw conclusions by comparing different sample sets and seeing how they stack up against world record times. 

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • The lesson could be used with higher grades if the data is analyzed with box-and-whisker or mean and standard deviation
Classroom Considerations

  • If time is an issue, choose parts of the lesson that are most relevant to your classes
  • The lesson requires stopwatches, calculators, graph paper, and space to run a 100-meter dash 

  • Learners develop ownership of the information through data collection and analysis because they are part of the experiment

  • Some pupils may be reluctant to run, wear the wrong clothing to run, or be medically unable to participate