Segregated from its History, How "Ghetto" Lost its Meaning

This Segregated from its History, How "Ghetto" Lost its Meaning worksheet also includes:

Are you ghetto? Words, words, words. Middle schoolers are asked to consider the power of words, the history and connotations of words, the importance of careful, respectful word choice as they read Camila Domonsoke's article about this very loaded word.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas

  • Prior to reading the article, conduct a mini-lesson on the denotative versus the connotative meaning of words
Classroom Considerations

  • Additional scaffolding may be needed for class members to understand why the current use of the word is "problematic"
  • The discussion requires a safe environment for discussion of controversial issues
  • A link to related articles with similar themes is provided below

  • The packet includes text-based and open-ended discussion questions

  • None
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