Sequences for Autism

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A special educator and an autism specialist have created a series of apps that work to foster functional academic and practical skills. Each one comes with access to the website, the support team, and many other functions specific to each app. As children play through this app they'll hone their sequencing, reasoning, and memory skills.

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App Overview

Some children with ASD have trouble with cognitive function, which is the way we think, reason, understand, and remember concepts. Sequencing exercises work to build both executive and cognitive functioning skills through systematic practice that includes organization, critical thinking, memory, and of course prioritizing or sequencing events. It is also a great way to teach basic functional behaviors such as hair brushing or using the restroom.


  • Tap the Sensei to Manage Content used throughout the app
  • Choose activities
  • Upload photos
  • Customize the number of components in each sequence
  • Create your own sequenced actions with personal photos
  • Manage the number of sequences in each category


  • Swipe to move through the player gallery
  • Tap on the player who will be using the app
  • Tap the Player Information option located directly to the right of the player’s image
  • Change profile picture or name
  • Choose Game Options to:
    • Turn on/off help

    • Adjust the timer

    • Turn on/off text

    • Turn on/off audio narration

    • Turn on/off graphic content

    • Change audio narration voice options to male or female

  • View player history
  • Delete the player

Game Play:

  • Tap to choose the player
  • Tap Play
  • Choose one of 16 sequencing options
  • Listen to the activity instructions
  • Drag and drop images one by one until the sequence is complete
  • When the sequence is finished the audio narrator will read the entire story
  • If an incorrect image is placed in the incorrect order, the image will flash and a buzz sound will alert the player to the mistake
  • Chose Activity and the practice sequences will be randomly generated
  • During gameplay press Pause to:
    • Return Home

    • Reset the game

    • Repeat the instructions

    • Adjust any of the player options

Additional Features:

  • Access the Welcome Guide
  • Change the language (English or Spanish)
  • Access parent information manual
  • Rate the app
  • View additional special-ed apps
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Instructional Ideas

  • This is a very good practice tool. Have an older peer, an aid, or a parent sit with the child and assist him through the process. Then have the child explain verbally, what goes next in the sequence prior to moving it. Have the child and the adult helper read or say the entire sequence together to increase memorization, order of events, and verbal communication skills
  • Have the child act out each sequence as you read through the prompts on the app. This will reinforce sequencing and functional behaviors at the same time
Classroom Considerations

Some of the individual sequence cards are quite wordy, which may make the task difficult for students with audio processing issues. And, because some of the sequences are detailed and a bit long, learners may need to be introduced to each sequence in small chunks and then work up to completing them entirely.


  • Excellent sequences that address functional behavior training
  • Clear and helpful audio narration
  • Great additional supports for parents or educators
  • Provides the ability to create original content and upload personal photos
  • The sequences showcased can be used at home and at school

  • Some of the sequences are quite long