Sequences for Kids

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Sequencing stories and determining what goes next is a vital skill for all children to master. Unlike EdNinja’s sequencing app for autism, this app focuses on critical thinking skills and cause-and-effect through story, rather than through functional behaviors or skills. Kids will create each story by dragging and dropping a series of scrambled images and phrases into the correct order.  

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App Overview

The are several components to this tool; Manage Content where you can delete or create sequences, Player where you can alter, delete, or add players, additional features, Sequences, and Activities.

Manage Content:

  • Once on the game play page, you can manage content
  • Tap Manage Sequences
  • To access content, an adult must first complete a multiplication problem
  • Add a sequence by uploading original images and recording audio to go with each one
  • Remove sequences by tapping Manage Sequences and then tapping the sequence you’d like to remove

Add a Player:

  • Adding a player is super simple
  • Tap Manage Players
  • Here you can delete existing players
  • Add new players by uploading original photos


  • Choose a player
  • Choose Sequences
  • There are 12 sequences total
  • The player chooses the sequence he would like to work on
  • Audio narration prompts the player to put the sequences in the right order
  • The player drags and drops each image card and places it in order at the bottom of the screen
  • Once finished, the entire story is read and the player receives verbal praise and a sticker reward
  • If the player puts the story in the wrong order, he is not prompted to fix or alter the sequence until he taps the Read Story option
  • He will be prompted to try again


  • Chose a player
  • Choose Activities
  • Three options will be provided: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Each option contains four stories that will be presented randomly
  • Unlike the Sequences option, this option does not provide as many helps or instructions

Additional Features:

  • Tapping the orange Information button located at the lower-left corner of the home page will provide you with additional features, these include:

    • Welcome Guide
    • Language Selection
    • Information for Parents
    • Rate the App


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Instructional Ideas

The tool would be fun to use with the entire class. Either hook it up to an elmo device or hold it up for all to see. As you introduce the concept of sequencing you can move through the game asking students “What goes next?” or “Why do you think this would be the next step in the sequence?” Next, kids can practice sequencing by generating a story about their morning routine. Have each child compose four sentences and four images that describe the morning events. Then have them cut them apart and trade with a neighbor. After their neighbor puts the images in the correct order, they can discuss how their morning routines are the same or different.

Classroom Considerations

While the app does provide the option to create your own unique sequences, at the time of this review, the feature did not function fully. After attempting to create an original sequence several times, I found I was unable to record my voice or upload original photos. This could be remedied in future updates.



  • Fun, kid-friendly images and stories
  • Fosters sequencing skills
  • Can be used to introduce cause and effect relationships
  • Can add players as needed



  • Not as developed as other apps from this company
  • Create A Sequence option malfunctioned
  • The children are able to complete each sequence incorrectly prior to being corrected. This could lead to some children remembering the sequences incorrectly.