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Is that a shark? Here's a 10-lesson unit that will have learners expanding their definition of what a shark actually is as they examine different features, habitats, and diets. They explore endangered species, using information cards with pictures. Using their own senses of smell, pupils come up with experiments to test one another and consider how sharks use this sense. They use a worksheet to find different parts of a shark, like the dorsal fin and the gill slits. A fun art project has students filling a shark's stomach with common foods, and kids learn a shark chant. These are only a few of the fun lessons included in this full shark unit!

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Instructional Ideas

  • Use the initial informational pages as an opportunity to practice marking the text and pulling out pertinent information

  • Everything is here that you could possibly need for a unit on sharks
  • Kids will enjoy the learning about these "scary" animals, and debunking some common myths

  • None