“Shut the Door”: A Senator Speaks for Immigration Restriction

This “Shut the Door”: A Senator Speaks for Immigration Restriction worksheet also includes:

Senator Ellison DuRant Smith's speech, delivered to Congress on April 9, 1924, urging a total restriction of immigration, is the text used in this reading comprehension exercise. Readers cite evidence directly from the speech to respond to text-based questions and consider the implications of Smith's remarks to respond to a series of discussion questions.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Compare Senator Smith's arguments for a closed-door immigration policy to the arguments used in the debate surrounding current immigration policy
Classroom Considerations

  • The activity assumes class members have studied rhetorical devices and how they are employed in speeches
  • Additional resources with related themes may be accessed using the link below
  • A safe classroom environment for the discussion of controversial issues is required

  • The questions include close reading and analysis of the text

  • None