Simulation on Sri Lanka: Setting the Agenda for Peace

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Can there be an end to conflict on the island of Sri Lanka? Young peacekeepers explore the decades-old struggle between the three distinct religious groups that call Sri Lanka home in hopes of finding a resolution. The role-play activity focuses on participants researching the conflict and negotiating a peaceful resolution.

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CCSS: Adaptable
Instructional Ideas
  • Before beginning, navigate through the official Sri Lankan government peace initiative website with the class to show where things stand in the country today
  • If pupils are unfamiliar with the religious groups involved in the conflict, allow additional time for research and discovery
Classroom Considerations
  • Arrange time at the library so everyone has enough space, can research online, and can break into groups as needed
  • Each role description is detailed and helpful for preparing for the simulation
  • The resource makes an excellent end-of-term project
  • None
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