Smokey’s Story

Learn about Smokey the Bear's origins and message for campers everywhere with a short resource about fire safety. After reading about the real Smokey the Bear, learners add dialogue to four different scenarios matching what Smokey would say about irresponsible uses of fire.

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Instructional Ideas

  • Project the pages onto the whiteboard to avoid printing in color, and have your class note their ideas for the word bubbles on a separate sheet of paper
  • Have learners create fliers featuring Smokey the Bear to advise their peers about fire safety
  • Encourage pairs or small groups to come up with skits featuring Smokey and potential risks for wildfires
Classroom Considerations

  • Worksheets are in color and printing in black and white might affect understanding

  • Colorful and engaging
  • Encourages your class to interpret a picture based on context clues
  • A great resource for an extracurricular camping trip or fire safety unit

  • None