Sock Puppets

Where have all the lost socks gone? They‘ve run away and joined the cast of a sock puppet theater where they await you, eager to take part in a movie you create by downloading their application onto a tablet or smartphone. Write a script, select sets, props, and scenery, and these clever fabric fellows will lip-sync to your recorded dialogue. They’ll sock it to you.

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App Overview

Getting Started:

  1. Click the About button on the bottom-left corner of the home page and then Help to access a clever video tutorial, or read step-by-step directions for operating the application
  2. Tap the Sock Puppets icon and the New button option
  3. Select up to four puppets to appear in your movie
  4. Click Next, select all the backgrounds sets that will appear behind the characters, and then tap the Next arrow
  5. Yellow-framed Props and Scenery are moveable while red-framed items will not move while recording. Tap the ones you plan to use and then click Next
  6. The final screen in the set-up section offers a menu of choices across the top of the screen
    • The first button, the read stop sign, starts and stops the recording
    • The arrow begins the playback
    • Save a movie by tapping the TV screen
    • Share by tapping the face icon
    • The left-facing arrow offers additional options
    • Click the house icon to return to the home screen
  7. Shift between settings by tapping the settings images located on the top-right of the screen
  8. When recording, a red arrow over the top of a character’s head indicates which character will be speaking
  9. Tap another puppet to change the speaker

Additional features 

  • Puppets automatically lip-sync to a voice
  • Change the pitch of a voice by accessing the Settings option on the home screen
  • Import your own backgrounds from your camera by tapping the Import button
  • Shows can be shared on Facebook or YouTube, or saved to a Photo Library
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Instructional Ideas

  • Have groups of language learners script and then create their own puppet conversations
  • Groups can create a video to demonstrate a process or explain a concept


Classroom Considerations

  • Tutorial available on YouTube
  • Additional puppets, backgrounds, and props are available as in-app purchases
  • Saving a video to a photo library requires an in-app purchase
  • Videos longer than 30 seconds require an in-app purchase
  • A large Volume Purchase Program is available to educators at a 50 percent discount

  • Engaging and easy to navigate
  • Free version includes four puppets and records 30 seconds of dialogue
  • Clever tutorial, in both video and printed format, models how to use the resource
  • Safe and appropriate for children of all ages

  • Videos longer than 30 seconds require in-app purchase