Solids of Revolution

The clear directions and slowly increasing difficulty of the problems make this a standout worksheet about creating solids of revolution. Learners who can graph points and segments can graph solids of revolution, making an often abstract concept significantly more concrete. Also, surprisingly valuable are the drawing tips and step-by-step procedure for graphing solids of revolution successfully. Add in the teaching suggestions for reinforcing the instructional activity concepts and this is a must-have instructional activity to put into your permanent rotation.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Extend into an activity where learners create actual 3-D solids of revolution, or create puzzle problems for one another
  • Try pairing up learners so that one constructs the solid around the x-axis and the other constructs the solid around the y-axis, and then compare in a think-pair-share style
Classroom Considerations

  • Learners may need encouragement to show work and draw clear solids on their own grid paper and not try to fit calculations into the sheet provided
  • Remediation needs on graphing points, graphing segments, area calculations, and volume calculations should to be prepped ahead of time

  • Clear progression of steps and difficulty
  • Valuable tips and warnings of common stumbling blocks for both class and teacher
  • Good number of problems; enough for pupils to get quality practice without feeling overwhelmed

  • None
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