Solve Addition Problems: Using Complements of 10

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In a base ten number system, knowing the complements of ten is a huge help when learning addition with larger numbers. The third video is this series models how these special pairs of numbers can be used along with expanded notation to make addition problems easier to solve. A great addition strategy that further develops the number sense and fluency of young mathematicians. Note that the video may need to be paused at certain points to clarify for all learners the strategies demonstrated by the instructor.

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Classroom Considerations

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  • Video supports learners with a review of the complements of ten
  • A variety of examples are used to demonstrate how complements of ten can be used to solve addition problems

  • Requires practice problems to support learners with using complements of ten when adding three- and four-digit numbers
  • When breaking numbers into expanded form, the instructor uses the letter to present ones, which can be confusing because it looks like a zero
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