Solve Length Word Problems Using a Ruler

This Solve Length Word Problems Using a Ruler video also includes:

After reviewing how to measure length with color tiles, young mathematicians walk through the process of  The video reminds class members to always ask themselves, "What do I know, and what am I trying to figure out?" It also makes a connection that the ruler is like a number line.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Demonstrate some of the concepts presented in the video
  • Assign the link to Google Classroom
Classroom Considerations

  • The second in a series of five videos that focus on solving length word problems using a variety of tools
  • If preferred, use the presentation slides rather than the video

  • Provides an example using paper tiles and an example using a ruler
  • Addresses a common misunderstanding of counting the lines on a ruler rather than correctly counting the spaces to get an accurate measurement

  • Video uses the term spaces to relate to inches, which may confuse some learners
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