Solve Multiplication Problems: Using Repeated Addition

This Solve Multiplication Problems: Using Repeated Addition instructional video also includes:

While young mathematicians are still working to memorize their multiplication facts, teach them how to use repeated addition when solving multiplication problems. The second video in a series models this skill with multiple examples, using pictures to support learners as they develop an understanding of multiplication. A separate Guided Practice video provides an additional word problem that allows young learners to demonstrate their ability to solve multiplication problems. A perfect addition in an introductory unit on multiplication, either as a supplement to whole group instruction, or as an independent learning activity.

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CCSS: Designed
Classroom Considerations
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  • Begins lesson by reviewing the similarities between addition and multiplication
  • Demonstrates two different approaches to solving each multiplication problem
  • Presents real-life contexts that involve multiplication
  • A slide show version of the video is available for download
  • Requires explicit instruction on the definition of the commutative property
  • Additional practice problems required to support students with using repeated addition to solve multiplication problems
Common Core