Solving Inequalities

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Cooperative algebra learners swim from the opening pool problem through inequality-infested waters and into life-altering decisions all within one class period. Modeling a pool scenario with an inequality in one variable opens this lesson, which eventually ends with our swimmers modeling a job choice scenario using an inequality to decide which job is best. In between the pool and their job decision is an all-class activity delving into the consequences of operations applied to the two sides of an inequality. Then a mix-n-match game gives our swimmers practice solving inequalities in one variable and matching the solution to its graph. The cooperative debate to decide which job to take is modeled by a one variable inequality. They solve the inequality, and represent their solution set graphically and interpret their solution set within the context of the problem and make decisions based on their solution.

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CCSS: Designed

  • Activity explores and addresses misconceptions that exist around inequalities and the steps to solve them
  • Real-life scenarios are used to set up the inequalities in one variable

  • May need to supplement with more directed practice solving inequalities in one variable
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