Song of the Trees Handouts

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Climb into a class reading of Song of the Trees by Mildred D. Taylor with this language arts resource. Complete with key vocabulary, reading comprehension questions, study guide, project ideas, and extra credit opportunities, the foundation is laid for building a literature unit around this novel. Create cross-curricular connections by teaching this story during your class's observation of Black History Month, taking time to explore the life of African Americans prior the civil rights movement.

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CCSS: Adaptable

  • Vocabulary worksheet asks students to use context clues to determine each word's definition before looking them up in the dictionary
  • Comprehension questions require learners to make inferences about the text
  • Mini-projects encourage young readers to explore other authors and literature from the same time period as Song of the Trees

  • Page numbers referenced in the resource are for an anthology, not the actual book
  • Requires class copies of the novel Song of the Trees by Mildred D. Taylor
  • No answer keys are included for the vocabulary and reading comprehension worksheets