Songwriting Skill - Finding Your Voice: Demi Lovato - “This Is Me (Gotta Find You)”

Similar to the previous lesson in a series on songwriting, this resource focuses on how to find and develop a personal voice in lyrics. Class members examine Demi Lovato's "This is Me (Gotta Find You)" and note lyrics that sound like the songwriter's true voice. Then using a loop-writing process, individuals develop their own authentic lyrics. The eighth in a series of nine songwriting exercises.

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  • To gain extra practice with this difficult concept, class members repeat the previous lesson with a different song model
  • The detailed plan includes the complete lyrics and all worksheets
  • An acoustic version Lovato performing her song is available on YouTube

  • Because teens tend to have very strong opinions about recording artists and music genres, it is important to create a respectful classroom environment where individual preferences can be expressed and accepted