Stop boring your audience with your static storytelling and presentations. Let your images aid in your narrative creations and stimulate your colleagues and classmates with your voice and photos in your phone or tablet.  

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App Overview

Stories bring and bond us together, so get busy producing powerful content.

  1. Open the app and you’re ready to go, no account to sign up necessary
  2. Upload pictures for your storytelling project, and then arrange them in the order you need
  3. Record your narration for each slide
  4. After narrating, move to the next slide and continue the story
  5. You choose the pace and speed of the storytelling
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Instructional Ideas


  • More interesting and personal than PowerPoint
  • Explain your instructions visually
  • Develop publishable homework help
Classroom Considerations

It might be a little frustrating only having the ability to access images from your photo albums, and not being able to create text-only slides.  


  • Super easy to use

  • If you need images from the Internet, you need to place them into your photo album