Sorting Machine

Put your sorting hat on and get ready to put objects in the right order based on size, number, letter, and more. Great for young learners practicing comparatives and superlatives or even learning their ABC's and 123's, the app engages kids with fun learning games and rewards their efforts with badges.

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App Overview

Getting Started: 

There are six levels of games that can be played (the first three games are free, and the next three must be purchased), with each successive level becoming slightly more challenging than the previous one. 

In order to proceed to the next level, you first have to earn a badge in the current level. You can play a level as many times as you like, and the games will be slightly different each time you play. Every time the level is completed, another badge is earned, denoted by a number above the level in the Badges section. 

To Play:

  1. On the home screen, press Start
  2. Select the level to play (only Level 1 will be available until you've played through that level)
  3. Use the instruction bar at the top of the game to find out which order the six objects pictured should go in; there is both a visual and words to describe what to do
  4. When the objects are arranged in the right order, tap the checkmark button on the lower right of the screen:
    • If they are in the right order, a blue checkmark appears in the middle of the screen and a piece of a badge will pop out of a box on the right
    • If the order is incorrect, an X appears, and play continues until the checkmarkbox is pressed again
  5. To finish the level, continue playing games until the badge comes all the way out of the box (a fun visual accompanies when this happens)
  6. To exit before finishing, see the Help section, or adjust volume settings during the game, tap Menu to the right of the game


This tab allows you to change the volume. Slide the controls up or down to increase or decrease volume for Sound or Music. Once finished, click Main Menu to return to the home page. 


Here you'll find a simple explanation of the purpose of the app and how to play it, accompanied by an animated visual illustration. Press Close to return to the home page. 


Once you've played games, badges appear here.

  • Completing the 11 games of a level earns one badge
  • Every time a level is completed, another badge is earned for that level
  • A counter above each level notes the number of times that a level has been successfully completed




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Instructional Ideas

  • Use as an independent center station for individuals or groups to practice sorting skills and vocabulary
  • Have learners who have learned to write sentences compose statements to describe some aspect of each game using academic vocabulary for comparative and superlative words. For example, "The bird is higher than the bee."
Classroom Considerations

  • Turn sound down or plug in headphones while class is in session
  • For learners who are not yet reading, consider having an adult available to support them when first using the app

  • The focus on comparison is a great way to reinforce superlatives and comparatives being discussed in class
  • It is simple to use, so learners of all levels can enjoy

  • There is no way to customize a game so that it focuses on a particular skill or concept