Spaghetti Regression

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Pasta, it's not just for dinner anymore! An engaging regression activity will have the class doing by hand what is so often done inside the calculator with little understanding. Different ways to measure distance are discussed and used, along with reasoning for the vertical difference type commonly taken as standard. A rare hands-on activity for the upper-level student that really brings the dry statistics to life.

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CCSS: Designed
Instructional Ideas

  • Could be extended to using cooked spaghetti to approximate curve regression
  • Natural extension to regression of learner's own data
Classroom Considerations

  • If copy costs are a concern, final page of class worksheet has only a single, numerical-answer question
  • Class worksheet has directions on how to perform the activity, but little space to log results

  • Hands-on activity breaks down processes normally hidden inside the calculator
  • The reasons behind different distance measurement rules are teased out, rather than assumed
  • Teaching instructions are exceptionally thorough and detailed